Kosovo, 20 years after the NATO bombing campaign

The bombing campaign against Yugoslavia that began on March 24 1999 was the first time NATO went to war. The 78-day campaign, known as Operation Allied Force, was officially conducted to protect civilians. They had been caught in the middle of the conflict between the secessionist insurgents of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and Yugoslavian security forces. The conflict had dramatically escalated in 1998, when the KLA began an armed campaign to end the Yugoslavian (or, more specifically, Serbian) rule over Kosovo. Even now, 20 years after the intervention, and despite the military, diplomatic and financial investments of Western powers in Kosovo, a … Continue reading

Peterloo: Review

Rory Kinnear (as Orator Hunt)

Great acting and set pieces, but overall, a missed opportunity. This long film suffers from too many people having too many conversations for too many minutes. I’m into this stuff, but even I sometimes felt impatient with it. Director Mike Leigh neither goes for the Peter Watkins style of cinema verite, (Culloden, The War Game, The Paris Commune) nor the high cinematic and non naturalistic Eisenstein style (I’m thinking of the way Eisenstein portrays Kerensky and the counter revolutionaries: to make a political point, rather than deliver a slice of life). Instead, we get a bit of the former when the more … Continue reading