Ty Canol: Photo Essay

Ty Canol, in west Wales, is a prehistoric woodland, with living trees that are 800 years old. It’s full of lichen varieties and is mossy and very green, especially in late May, when I made my visit. There’s a nearby neolithic burial site (not pictured); it is sobering to think that the wood was there when the burial took place. The place has a special atmosphere that I’ve tried to capture.rock focus gaussain blur avenue trees ty canol 2 two tres layers blur Ty Canol 'underwater' Ty Canol pano orton tree flowers ok late tree Ty Canol Tree fave-2 Ty Canol Trees close up light Ty Canol Trees close up Ty Canol Trees into the woods brancjing eveywhere gaussian

Kosovo, 20 years after the NATO bombing campaign

The bombing campaign against Yugoslavia that began on March 24 1999 was the first time NATO went to war. The 78-day campaign, known as Operation Allied Force, was officially conducted to protect civilians. They had been caught in the middle of the conflict between the secessionist insurgents of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA) and Yugoslavian security forces. The conflict had dramatically escalated in 1998, when the KLA began an armed campaign to end the Yugoslavian (or, more specifically, Serbian) rule over Kosovo. Even now, 20 years after the intervention, and despite the military, diplomatic and financial investments of Western powers in Kosovo, a … Continue reading