“One can never be radical enough; that is, one must always try to be as radical as reality itself.”

Spectre aims to channel radical perspectives on politics, philosophy, history and culture. The objective being to challenge conventional wisdom and to build an online presence for ideas often not heard in the mainstream. In its commentary on today’s political system Spectre hopes to recognise and record the possibilities of a better world. The editorial team always hold the door open to submissions.



Chris Horner – teaches, studies and writes about philosophy and many other things. He is the co-uthor (with Emrys Westacott) of the CUP book ‘Thinking Through Philosophy’. He has studied at the University of Sheffield, UEA, Goldsmiths and Roehampton University and has a PhD, the subject of which was Hannah Arendt and Kant’s theory of reflective judgment. He has a strong interest in politics, history, literature, the visual arts and music.


Joshua White – a writer and journalist living in the UK where he works as Africa editor and researcher for the World Weekly. White is a philosophy graduate, specialising in political thought, and maintained a blog for several years. His main focus is national and international politics having written on subjects as seemingly far apart as US elections, Russian nationalism and the state of modern Britain.


Mark Waller – a freelance journalist and translator from Finnish to English, currently living in South Africa. Mark has been freelancing for Finnish media and organisations since the early 1990s, and mainly focuses on issues to do with overseas development, foreign policy, social policy and the EU, and Southern Africa. Waller has visited the Southern African region frequently in the 1990s and early 2000s, and for the last seven years has been based in South Africa, where he has covered aspects of the transition to democracy for Finnish papers and magazines.



Although, Spectre is not aligned with any political party, or movement yet in existence, its editors and writers may well be. What the contributors hold in common is a radical disposition towards the major issues of our time. Spectre takes an avowedly left-wing stance. Pretensions to ‘objectivity’ often conceal the exclusion of particular perspectives, rather than the inclusion of a variety of viewpoints. The committed perspective is a lot more honest and incisive.

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