Labour turns left

'Workers of the world unite!' | JT White

So Jeremy Corbyn is now the leader of the Labour Party. Tom Watson stands by his side as deputy leader. The results for the Labour mayoral candidate came out the day before, where standard-bearer Sadiq Khan ran on a ‘soft left’ platform and defeated Tessa Jowell. These events fit with a reorientation in Labour politics. It came from the grass-roots upwards. The party machine was caught completely off guard and now it responds with absurd tantrums. True reactionaries can see it for what it is. “Do all the attackers of Jeremy Corbyn not see that his supporters thrive on their … Continue reading

Riots 2011, Election 2015

There were many issues excluded from the elections. The major issues were social and domestic policy: austerity, immigration, the NHS. Foreign policy was almost completely absent. Yet the issues were presented as if they do reside in a vacuum. The context surrounding UKIP’s rise was lost to 24 hour news. The same can be said for the SNP and the Greens. The difference is that the rise of UKIP fits into the overall shifts of politics in recent years. It’s not just that the Conservatives forged a right-wing opening in 2010. The prevailing current has been rightwards since 2008. At … Continue reading

Anarchy in the UK

North of Hadrian’s Wall, the party of Scottish nationalism has won an almost total victory. The Liberal Democrats and Labour have suffered huge losses, while the Conservatives maintained the one blue patch left. The Scottish National Party lowered the voting age to 16 and tapped into a reservoir of disenchantment with status quo politics. The referendum on Scottish independence may not have secured secession, but it did serve to strengthen the nationalist base. It was probably the sight of Tories and Labourites standing together, arm-in-arm, against the Scottish Left. The Yes campaign got its revenge. The massacre of Labour MPs … Continue reading