Labour turns left

'Workers of the world unite!' | JT White

So Jeremy Corbyn is now the leader of the Labour Party. Tom Watson stands by his side as deputy leader. The results for the Labour mayoral candidate came out the day before, where standard-bearer Sadiq Khan ran on a ‘soft left’ platform and defeated Tessa Jowell. These events fit with a reorientation in Labour politics. It came from the grass-roots upwards. The party machine was caught completely off guard and now it responds with absurd tantrums. True reactionaries can see it for what it is. “Do all the attackers of Jeremy Corbyn not see that his supporters thrive on their … Continue reading

Why Jeremy Corbyn must win


A month ago I registered as a ‘supporter’ of the Labour Party in order to vote for Jeremy Corbyn. Go on, call me a soft reformist. I shan’t blame you. However, I don’t waste time with illusions as I don’t expect to transform the party into a socialist bulwark, on the contrary, Labour has been on the road to Pasokification for a long time. Nor do I expect to defeat austerity in doing so. I hope to kick the prevailing discourse from the Left and put the fear of the risen Christ into the ghastly Blairites. It may even be … Continue reading

My first encounter with racism

I must have been about five or six at the time. I was a late start at primary school as my mum had dawdled over whether or not to send me at all (she contemplated homeschooling). My first real friend came from a similar family background as I did. We were both children of unemployed family units, I came from a single-parent family, whereas he had seen his parents split early on and his mother later remarried. Neither his father nor his stepfather worked (as far as I knew), just as my mum survived on benefits and credit cards. She … Continue reading