The growing cooperative economy.

The year 2016 will be the 60th anniversary of a relatively unknown experiment in socio-economic organising. It is a model that has shown that there are serious and sustainable alternative ways of organising the economic system. What started out as a single small collective enterprise producing heating stoves in the Basque country of Northern Spain, became, after a few years, a network of mutually supporting cooperatives producing a range of manufacturing, agricultural, retail, financial, and educational goods and services. Today it has become one of Spain’s foremost enterprises, operating as a cooperative corporation or conglomerate, consisting of 103 interconnected cooperatives … Continue reading

Self-service is a disservice

The predominance of so-called ‘self-service’ machines in supermarkets should worry those concerned by the depredations of the market. The ‘self-service’ machines turn us into unpaid employees for a Tesco, or a Morrison’s, or a Sainsbury’s, and even a wholesome Waitrose. The fact of the matter is that it is a service to Tesco, not ourselves, for the most part, to man the till in the place of a paid worker. It is another way in which the rinsing of people, as workers and consumers, to amass huge profits – and it means worse and worse working conditions and job prospects … Continue reading