Saudi Arabia is Going to Execute a Poet

There are few occasions on which the United Nations is able to disgrace itself more effectively than when it comes to making appointments to committees and sinecures. Iraq, for example, was due to take the chairmanship of the special committee on disarmament in 2003; a move prohibited not by any common sense on the part of the U.N. but because the US-led intervention in that same year made such an appointment impossible. Iran has recently been re-elected to a seat on the U.N’s Commission on the Status of Women. Robert Mugabe, the subject of a wide-ranging travel ban, was asked … Continue reading

Sweden joins the rape apologists

The Swedish authorities have given up on questioning Julian Assange in Sweden, seeking his arrest in 2010, and trying to extradite him in 2012. The prosecutors now say they want to question Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy, where he has been staying since he secured asylum status in Ecuador. This is welcome news for Assange’s legal team. “We’ve been waiting for this for over four years,” Per Samuelson, Assange’s lawyer, told the BBC. “[Assange] is willing to co-operate fully now in conducting this interrogation – this is a great victory for him.” When this situation first developed, back in the … Continue reading