The trauma of diversity

It’s about a year now since the Rotherham child abuse case broke. It was actually one of many similar cases. The media had a framework ready-made: the victims were mostly white, the abusers were mostly Asian men, liberal multiculturalism is to blame. An estimated 1,400 underage girls had been abused in this period. The tale resembles the lowest fantasies of fascists: dark-skinned men stalking and grooming pristine caucasian girls. This racist vision has long been a staple of fascist propaganda. It was a major feature of BNP campaigns for many years. It chimes with the worldview. The racialised enemy is … Continue reading

Class struggle is the name of the game


You can tell when you’ve encountered something rare. It feels dangerously impermanent. It’s as though it is about to crumble and slip through your fingers. It may well be lost at any instance. It’s fair to say the first Marxist board game, Class Struggle, falls into this category. Its box features a picture of two men arm wrestling. One of them is Karl Marx; the other is Nelson Rockefeller. Naturally Marx is winning against the liberal Republican. Not long ago, I sat down with some leftie friends to see where the roll of the dice would lead us. It was my … Continue reading

Best enemies

National Review Magazine founder William F. Buckley Jr. is seen in an undated handout photo. Writer and commentator William F. Buckley, a revered figure and intellectual force in the American conservative movement for decades, died on Wednesday at age 82, said the magazine he founded, the National Review.  REUTERS/National Review (UNITED STATES).  NO SALES. NO ARCHIVES. FOR EDITORIAL USE ONLY. NOT FOR SALE FOR MARKETING OR ADVERTISING CAMPAIGNS..

The feud between Gore Vidal and William F Buckley, Jr. is legendary. Yet it has not been the subject of a documentary until now. This may be down to the litigious tendencies of the Buckley-Vidal agonism. Best of Enemies is a wonderfully crafted film combining grainy rolls of film with high definition footage. It sets out to encapsulate the clash of egos. More importantly, the project frames the clash as the beginning of the ‘culture wars’: the struggle between two Americas. In many ways Vidal and Buckley play out the liberal-conservative split in US public life. Though it’s worth noting … Continue reading