Taxing Citizens: Hegel On Having the Right Attitude.


We hear a lot about tax, and about how people dislike paying it. But while there’s general agreement that there is a big difference between tax evasion (illegal:  breaching the law to escape paying tax) and tax avoidance (minimising one’s tax liabilities in a legal way), there seems to be a lot of confusion about what one’s duties are in relation to tax. Is it enough to not break the law? Here I am going to argue that it isn’t. I expect this will chime with a lot of people’s intuitions, and I want to support and justify these. I want … Continue reading

Morality: A Modest Proposal

What are we doing when we make moral judgements? What are they? Philosophers have laboured hard and long to answer these important questions. Making those answers remotely adequate has proved difficult, however: too often their accounts have been quite unreal, as if morality was something at a great distance from the world that we actually live in. I want to argue that this has happened because of a certain familiar but misleading way of describing the world which we must abandon if we are to give a satisfactory account of the place of morality in our lives. That familiar account … Continue reading