Solidarity with Haiti!

The voice of Haiti’s popular movement at this critical period in the country’s history has never been clearer. For the past several months, since the discredited legislative and presidential elections of last August and October, mass, vibrant protests for the right to a free and fair vote and against foreign intervention have been a relentless force, in the face of heavily-armed and well-financed adversaries and mounting repression. The influx of articles and editorials in recent weeks by leading U.S. media outlets depicts the situation in Haiti as a confused, incomprehensible, morass of violence and dysfunction, with all sides being equally … Continue reading

Napoleon versus Toussaint

napoleon crossing the alps david

Odd, the way that some modern liberals and right wingers have come to mourn the fall of Napoleon and sympathise with those who saw him as a great bulwark against reaction. I’m not inclined to agree. Despite Byron, Hazlitt and Godwin’s quite sensible abhorrence of the post 1815 reaction the truth is that Napoleon himself was a ruthless despot. Yes, some of the advances of the Revolution survived through him but let’s not sympathise with an Emperor who sent many hundreds of thousands of soldiers to their doom – and caused the deaths of many more civilians. The fact that some … Continue reading