Why has BBC Panorama gone after Putin?

Last week, BBC Panorama exposed President Putin, and allegations of corruption against him. At first the programme focuses on Putin’s lifestyle – his expensive watches and tracksuits – and quickly moves on to hearing journalists, former allies and politicians dredge up old accusations: $40 billion in assets and the Cape Idokopas palace. It notes that the CIA and the FBI agree that Putin may be worth $40 billion in assets. We’ve heard much of this before. However, Panorama does flesh out its coverage with new goodies for its viewers. The US Treasury’s Adam Szubin makes an appearance to call Putin … Continue reading

Morality: A Modest Proposal

What are we doing when we make moral judgements? What are they? Philosophers have laboured hard and long to answer these important questions. Making those answers remotely adequate has proved difficult, however: too often their accounts have been quite unreal, as if morality was something at a great distance from the world that we actually live in. I want to argue that this has happened because of a certain familiar but misleading way of describing the world which we must abandon if we are to give a satisfactory account of the place of morality in our lives. That familiar account … Continue reading