Europe isn’t diverse enough

The question of diversity in Europe is a recurrent one. This is probably because Europe may be the most homogeneous place on earth. The number of European languages has dwindled to 286 compared to over 2,000 languages spoken in Africa. Yet the continent remains home to rival forms of nationalism, particularly in the EU. Despite the constant shift of borders and migrations across the region, the notion of a common European identity seems painfully elusive. The fact that French, for example, was the language of choice for many monarchs, from England to Russia, does not fit into nationalist discourse. Indeed, … Continue reading

Folk Devils of the Far-Right

Last year, when the Rotherham child abuse scandal broke the narrative was ready-made. The perpetrators were Asian men, the victims were white girls: it’s multiculturalism, stupid! The proponents of diversity and tolerance were painted as rape apologists. It was a particularly powerful case. An estimated 1,400 underage girls had been abused by these men. The emotional pitch is strong and piercing. The forces of reaction often set out to monopolise the most emotionally-satisfying answers. So a lot of people actually blamed ‘political-correctness’. As if the social services feared accusations of racism so much that they covered up a systematic pattern … Continue reading

The trauma of diversity

It’s about a year now since the Rotherham child abuse case broke. It was actually one of many similar cases. The media had a framework ready-made: the victims were mostly white, the abusers were mostly Asian men, liberal multiculturalism is to blame. An estimated 1,400 underage girls had been abused in this period. The tale resembles the lowest fantasies of fascists: dark-skinned men stalking and grooming pristine caucasian girls. This racist vision has long been a staple of fascist propaganda. It was a major feature of BNP campaigns for many years. It chimes with the worldview. The racialised enemy is … Continue reading