Corbyn’s labour


At first, Britain’s Labour leadership contest was just about remixing Tory clichés. Andy Burnham issued bromides of ‘aspiration’ with a Northern accent. Yvette Cooper criticised Ed Miliband’s pledge to ban EU migrants from benefits for two years, on the grounds that it should be four years. Unable to add anything new, Liz Kendall gave up, and accepted almost every Conservative policy. The entrance of Jeremy Corbyn transformed the campaign. Up until that point, the only choice had been between three forms of neo-Blairism. It made sense. Since the advent of New Labour, in 1994, the party’s center had progressively moved … Continue reading

The Corbyn ‘Surge’: When democracy delivers the ‘wrong’ result.


There are lots of lessons to be drawn about our ‘democracy’ from the reactions of our masters in politics-media land about the Corbyn* surge.  We need to register their hypocrisy, but get past the outrage. For this is how our system works: it is rigged to ensure that there can be no serious change. When radical change threatens to happen anyway, it’s all hands on deck for the professionals who are paid to tell us what politics should be. They dislike Corbyn intensely, as they dislike the people who support him. They’d endorse any move, any fix, any coup, to stop … Continue reading