Anarchy in the UK

North of Hadrian’s Wall, the party of Scottish nationalism has won an almost total victory. The Liberal Democrats and Labour have suffered huge losses, while the Conservatives maintained the one blue patch left. The Scottish National Party lowered the voting age to 16 and tapped into a reservoir of disenchantment with status quo politics. The referendum on Scottish independence may not have secured secession, but it did serve to strengthen the nationalist base. It was probably the sight of Tories and Labourites standing together, arm-in-arm, against the Scottish Left. The Yes campaign got its revenge. The massacre of Labour MPs … Continue reading

The Anti-Cameron.

The first round of Britain’s election debates passed with little trouble. In spite of a heckler’s best efforts, three women represented the left on the national stage. As the UK media has grudgingly acknowledged, Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon won the debate. This shouldn’t come as a surprise. The SNP is by far the most experienced and entrenched party outside of the Westminster consensus. Even UKIP, which styles itself as the outsiders’ party, doesn’t come close. Sturgeon went out of her way to appeal to a broad base across the UK. By contrast, Plaid Cymru’s Leanne Wood took the … Continue reading