Fanon defends revolutionary violence

The naked truth of decolonisation evokes for us the searing bullets and bloodstained knives which emanate from it. For if the last shall be first, this will only come to pass after a murderous and decisive struggle between the two protagonists. That affirmed intention to place the last at the head of things, and to make them climb at a pace (too quickly, some say) the well-known steps which characterize an organized society, can only triumph if we use all means to turn the scale, including, of course, that of violence (Fanon, 1963: 37). Frantz Fanon used his lived experience … Continue reading

Lizza Littlewort’s ‘We Live In The Past’

On Wednesday, Cape Town’s 99 Loop gallery opened its doors for the first day of Lizza Littlewort’s ‘We Live In The Past’ exhibition. The artist aims to draw out South Africa’s colonial past, as found in the ‘Golden Age’ of Dutch painting, but reinvents this work to convey the legacy to contemporary eyes. As an illustrator, Ms. Littlewort previously produced educational works on such topics as healthcare and the environment. She helped set up a permaculture project called ‘Tyisa Nabanye’, a collective that aims to promote food security and sustainable living. She has degrees in architecture, fine art and English … Continue reading

Morality: A Modest Proposal

What are we doing when we make moral judgements? What are they? Philosophers have laboured hard and long to answer these important questions. Making those answers remotely adequate has proved difficult, however: too often their accounts have been quite unreal, as if morality was something at a great distance from the world that we actually live in. I want to argue that this has happened because of a certain familiar but misleading way of describing the world which we must abandon if we are to give a satisfactory account of the place of morality in our lives. That familiar account … Continue reading