Predictions for 2016 Election

This article was originally written in 2014 as an assessment of the Republicans and the Democrats. There are no clear Republican frontrunners for the upcoming presidential elections and it’s yet to be seen what nominees are about to emerge from the underbelly of the corporate Right. By contrast, it looks likely that Hillary Clinton will be running as she has not explicitly dispersed the interest in her potential candidacy and dear Bill said he has “no earthly idea” (a non-answer if there ever was one). There remains a lot of interest in Bernie Sanders with the hope that he may … Continue reading

20th Century Liberalism is dying, there is no third way (and there never was)

For those who perhaps haven’t been following the US primaries too closely (although I doubt it on this site) the election came alive on Tuesday night. Whilst the Republican contest is still all to play for – with Cruz, Trump and in spite of everything, not least himself, Jeb Bush all in with a reasonable shot at victory – the Democratic race is now far more interesting, and frankly significant. A week after failing to grab Iowa, as I thought he probably needed to he, not only did Bernie Sanders win in New Hampshire – but he won by a … Continue reading

The Trump phenomenon

Donald Trump by Lizza Littlewort

It has surprised a lot of the Beltway journalists. The polls have shifted and the billionaire Donald Trump is in the lead. He’s at 18%, while Jeb Bush lags at 15%. It’s not immediately obvious, at least to the commentariat, why this rug-wearing buffoon should be causing such a storm. Of course, Trump has a serious financial advantage and the celebrity clout. But this doesn’t explain his success. The first time Trump ran was not a success story. He positioned himself as the voice of the Birthers – who claimed that Obama was actually an illegal Kenyan immigrant – just … Continue reading