My brief exchange with Peter Hitchens


Before Spectre got going, I blogged for years at ‘Living in Philistia‘, which I’ve not yet taken down, despite the terrible name. Just before the New Year I wrote a piece on Peter Hitchens. It was meant to lay down a few reasons why I take the Mail columnist seriously: his opposition to war, his support of civil liberties etc. I churned it out on a whim. I didn’t expect anything to come of it, and yet I got a response on the same day. I’ve now reproduced the exchange on this site. You can read the back-and-forth below: Why … Continue reading

An exchange with Peter Hitchens, Part I

Well, it was a pleasant surprise to find my short piece on Peter Hitchens has drawn a response from the man himself. You can read his article below, and I’ll now proceed to respond accordingly. The main problem, as he sees it, with my observations is the implication that he yearns for a return to halcyon days, and of course these days never existed. To be fair, I was referring more so to the reactionary press in general when I wrote: ‘Fortunately, it is too late to turn back the clock on the progress achieved in our attitudes to … Continue reading

Why I respect Peter Hitchens

Believe it or not, there are honourable conservative voices out there. By ‘honourable’, I really mean those few figures with integrity. You don’t have to agree with someone to respect their point of view. This is easy to forget in a political discourse lacking worthy opponents of the Left. The fulminating columnist Peter Hitchens is one such case of the honourable rightist. The particular strain of conservatism, to which he adheres, may be summarised as traditional, cultural or socio-moral conservatism. His targets include the Westminster consensus, not only the Labour Party, but the Conservative Party as well. He sees the country threatened from … Continue reading