Why are we Eurosceptic?

There are many why people become sceptical of the European Union. For a long time, the Left was a stalwart supporter of the EU but this could well change. It has failed on three major fronts, none of which can be discounted easily: 1. Democracy – The European Union is a consolidation state, which allows the industrial and financial powerhouses of Europe to overcome old national barriers. This includes the problem of how to implement market reforms opposed by the majority of voters. The easy way around this is to nullify the sovereignty of a nation-state, as part of a … Continue reading

Murder in Moscow


Former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov was shot dead as he walked from Red Square arm-in-arm with Anna Durytska, a 23 year-old Ukrainian model, just days before he was set to appear before an anti-war rally. The assassination has opened up an array of questions for Russian society, none of which will easily be ignored. The main one, of course, is what kind of political system allows opposition figures to be murdered in front of the Kremlin. Imagine if armed thugs assassinated John Boehner, the Republican speaker of America’s House of representatives, in front of the White House. Though nowhere … Continue reading

Capitalism with Russian values


The reactions were predictable. Putin perfunctorily denied it was an invasion, while the media wondered whether it was even right to even call it a war. That Russian forces were already occupying a third of Ukraine was still insufficient evidence. Nearly 15 years from the day when he first too took the reins of the presidency, the ex-KGB agent was living out the wildest of Cold War fantasies, about Russian politics, and its hackneyed intrigues. Dr Strangelove would have approved. One of the first decisions undertaken by Putin after the 2000 election was to restore the Soviet National Anthem by … Continue reading